7 Reasons To Move Before Season Starts

by Islands

One of the most common questions that anyone has when they are considering buying a new home is about timing. Everyone wants to get a good deal and considers which time of year makes the most sense to make a move.

In our unique real estate market here in Florida, many people wonder whether it is better to buy before, during, or after the snowbird season. If you are anything like most Florida residents, you alter your real estate buying habits based upon the snowbirds. 

Despite what many people believe, it is actually extremely beneficial for you to purchase your new home and move before the snowbird season begins. Here are just a few of the reasons why you would be wise to take advantage of the off-season real estate market here in Florida.

1. There Are Fewer Buyers In The Lakewood Ranch Real Estate Market

The first and most obvious reason why you should buy your Lakewood Ranch home and move before the snowbirds arrive comes down to good old-fashioned supply and demand. As soon as the snowbirds start to migrate down to their winter homes, there is an influx of demand for homes. Subsequently, the average sales price and price per square foot of the real estate here in Lakewood Ranch begins to rise.


During the offseason, there are far fewer buyers in the market for a new home. This significantly weakens the position of sellers and puts the ball in your court. Sellers become particularly weak if they had their house on the market during the previous season and are now still trying to unload it after the snowbirds have gone home for the summer.


If you are looking to score a deal, have more leverage for negotiation, and avoid the costly and emotional turmoil of a bidding war you would be wise to take advantage of the off-season market.

2. Moving Costs Are Lower

Although there is much to be excited about when moving into a new home, nobody enjoys the actual packing, moving, and unpacking process. The amount of time that it takes to pack up your life and move it from one home to another is both stressful and time-consuming. In fact, it can put a major damper on the entire experience of getting a new home.

Often people elect to do all of the packing and moving on their own in an effort to save money. However, if you are smart enough to move into your new Lakewood Ranch home during the off-season you probably won’t have to worry about that expense as much. Aside from the thousands of dollars that you can save yourself by purchasing your new Lakewood Ranch home during the off-season, you can also save money on your actual moving expenses.

 Again, this comes back to supply and demand. Because there are fewer people moving during the swelteringly hot summer months here in Florida, many moving companies lower their rates and offer specials in an effort to attract customers. This is a great time to shop around for both local and national moving companies and negotiate for the best rates.

3. Less Traffic Means A Faster, Safer Move

If you are lucky enough to live here in Lakewood Ranch full-time, then you likely already know that one of the biggest complaints that locals have about the snowbird season is how crazy traffic becomes when they are here. Although it may not be a major motivator to move during the off-season, consider the fact that because there are far fewer people on the roads your move automatically becomes far less stressful. To put it simply, less traffic translates into a faster and more convenient move for you overall. With less chance of there being an accident, your risk of having priceless items damaged is also reduced allowing for greater peace of mind in what can be a stressful time.

4. You Will Be Settled Before The Holidays

Do you enjoy hosting friends and family throughout the holiday season? Just imagine how hectic life would be if you were trying to coordinate the purchase of your new home and get ready to move in the middle of the holidays. Let’s face it, the holiday season as joyous as it is is also one of the most stressful times for people. Make the most of this time with friends and family by getting settled into your new Lakewood Ranch home before Thanksgiving.

5. It Is Easier On The Kids

Do you have children? If so, you should definitely consider the fact that moving during the summer months and off-season is much easier for the kids. The stress of dealing with the move during the regular school season can have a negative impact on their ability to focus on academics and extracurriculars. This is why most people in the northern states choose to purchase their homes and move during the summer months. Furthermore, if you move while the kids are home on summer vacation, you will have the added benefit of having their assistance in making the transition.

6. Take Advantage Of Furniture & Appliance Deals

Did you know that it is actually cheaper to fill your new Lakewood Ranch home with your dream furniture and appliances during the off-season? For example, if your new home will need some updating like new carpet or some fresh paint you will be delighted to find that those items are usually on sale during September. During the months of October and November, you will also be able to score fantastic deals on items like a new lawnmower, cookware, and new appliances.

7. Lakewood Ranch Realtors And Vendors Are More Attentive

When you are buying a new home in Lakewood Ranch you deserve to work with a real estate agent, lender, title company, etc. that will respect and appreciate your business to the fullest. During the chaos of the snowbird season, many of these people are so overwhelmed with the influx of business that it becomes difficult for them to provide the quality of customer service that you deserve. However, after the snowbirds have left for the season they become desperate for business and have a greater ability to tend to your every need. This can make or break your entire experience of buying a new home in Lakewood Ranch. If customer service is a priority to you then moving during the offseason should be a top priority too.

Want To Buy Your New Lakewood Ranch Home Before Season Starts?

As we have proven, you would be very wise to take advantage of the savings and convenience of buying your new Lakewood Ranch home before the season begins. While there are many different homes and communities throughout the area for you to choose from, not all of them are created equally.

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