How To Create A More Luxurious Outdoor Florida Living Space

by Islands

One of the greatest benefits of being a Florida resident is having the ability to spend far more time outside than our neighboring states to the north. If you have lived up north in the past, you are determined to be able to spend as much time enjoying the delightful Florida weather as much as possible. However, without a well-crafted outdoor living space for your home, you may not be able or inclined to spend as much time outside. In an effort to help you get more enjoyment out of your yard and increase the equity in your Florida home, we have assembled a list of ways to create a more luxurious outdoor living space.

Start With A Clear Plan

All of those images you see on Pinterest, Instagram, and in magazines of those stunning outdoor rooms were not created on accident or at random. Each and every one of them began with a clear and well-thought-out plan. Whether you are working on a balcony, porch or patio you need to take a step back and consider what you want the purpose of the space to be.

Many people get caught up on a single detail like a deck or pool when planning their back yard and fail to look at how those elements play into the big picture. You need to also consider how each element will interact with the next, how much of your budget it will consume, and how it will impact your home’s value.

 Speaking of budget, it is important that you set a budget from the beginning so that you can prioritize what additions or edits you want to make to your outdoor living space. Even if you can’t afford to add all of your desired upgrades right away, setting an overall project budget will prevent you from getting carried away or distracted with items that will distract you from your goal.


If you are like most people, the reason that you are looking to upgrade your outdoor living space is to spend more time having fun and relaxing in your yard. However, if you don’t take the required maintenance of these primary elements into consideration, you could wind up doing just the opposite.

Pools And Spas

There is no question that having the luxury of jumping into a sparkling pool on a hot summer day or relax your sore muscles after a hard workout is a glorious feeling. However, the constant cleaning, chemical testing, and general maintenance that is required to keep your pool or spa enjoyable is not what most people would choose to do on a Saturday. Before you decide to add a pool or spa, make sure that you are willing to perform the regular maintenance or can afford to pay someone else to do that for you.

Yards, Gardens, And Landscaping

Looking out over a lush, tropical landscape from the comfort of your back yard is a truly serene feeling. Let’s face it, there is nothing luxurious about a dead, brown, dry yard. A successful garden also requires you to exercise some forethought. Be sure to select plants that will fit your lifestyle. For example, if you find peace and pleasure in spending time in the garden, then selecting plants that require a lot of attention will be no problem. However, if you were born without a green thumb, you will need to select plants that thrive without much care in a tropical climate or hire staff to tend to your gardens.

Cages And Screens

Cages and screened-in porches have become extremely popular here in Florida because they allow you to enjoy leisure time in your yard without being attacked by the relentless bugs. However, these convenient enclosures can also cost you a pretty penny during the hurricane season if they become damaged. If at all possible, take the time to get protection of your cage under your homeowner's insurance just in case. Otherwise, adding a cage or screened porch is an excellent way to get more enjoyment out of your outdoor space when the bugs start to bite.

Do You Plan To Entertain?

Do you love to entertain guests, host barbecues and pool parties whenever you get the chance? Don’t forget to think about including an outdoor dining space or even an outdoor kitchen and bar in your yard. For a truly luxurious experience don’t just stop at installing a grill. Some people love to install a door or window that extends from their kitchen directly out to an outdoor bar or outdoor kitchen to make this even easier. Another option is growing in popularity is to add an outdoor wood-burning pizza oven.

Don’t Forget The Cooler Months

Although most of the year the weather in Florida is hot and sunny, there are a few weeks or even a couple of months during the winter when the temperatures drop significantly. In fact, the southern half of the state is known to experience temperatures in the 40s during this time. With that in mind, you should also consider adding a few luxury elements to your yard that will allow you to take advantage of those cooler months. A fireplace or fire pit with built-in seating are two popular options.

Think About The Future

Sometimes when you are in the process of making upgrades or improvements to your home it can be easy to get caught up in the here and now. In other words, you may focus so hard on what your current needs and goals for your yard are that you forget to consider how they may change. For example, if you have young children now, you may want plenty of room in your yard for them to run around and play or to install a playground area. However, as they grow to be too old for such things your priorities are likely to shift. The more time that you invest into making your yard transitional through multiple stages of life, the more enjoyment and equity you will be able to reap in the long run.

How To Pay For Your New Backyard

Adding a new pool and spa, screened porch, and amenities like an outdoor kitchen can quickly become very expensive. Although these items will likely increase the resale value of your home, you may not have enough extra cash lying around to make these upgrades now. One way that many people elect to pay for their luxurious new yard is to take out a home equity line. Be sure to consult with your local real estate agent and financial advisor before making this move to ensure that you are not counterfeiting yourself.

If going through the hassle of taking out a loan just to improve your back yard doesn’t make sense, you may want to reconsider improving your current home altogether. In many cases, it will actually make more sense for you to move into a home that already has all or most of the features that you desire in your backyard. Many features like the ones we have discussed in this article can be found in newer luxury communities like The Islands.

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